Caught my first bass on a wacky rigged worm using my spinning rod this weekend. I caught a few more after it. Now that’s a lot of fun!!!! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally hook up with a bass utilizing this method.
Bass Stache
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  1. That is a lethal way to catch bass. Before I got the fly bug, I'd do that when I'd visit my inlaws (they have a canal behind their house), the bass would go nuts!

  2. Justin, I have no idea about fishing \”wacky\” style either for Bass. But, if I keep reading here, I am sure I will learn more as we go.I have been fishing for Bass with Lightweight Spinning Rods and ultralight crankbaits. Have had some success, but, still very much a neophyte Bass fisherman.By the way, just to drive you fellow BlogBuddies a little more crazy, I have returned my blog to the Blogger format after a short stay at WordPress. Would or could you consider updating (just one more time) your blogroll for my blog? Here is my new link:

  3. It sure is fun! I've already hooked up with 3 wacky bass this year. I've run into guys that only use this method. It's extremely effective…just not for me haha

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