Lately, I have been having a hard time finding the time to get to the keyboard. Juggling life, work, my Pig Farm Ink – Iron Fly event, trips, and fly tying orders has my plate pretty full.
This is just a friendly reminder, that I am still around, and looking forward to catching up with all of my blogging buddies.
For now, enjoy some underwater shots!
A friendly carp that would not eat a fly.
Let ’em go, to let ’em grow!

5 Replies to “Don’t forget about me!”

  1. Hi, Justin, thanks so much for appeasing me and getting my new blog link up on your blogroll. Being BlogBuddies has been a great way for all of who to share our stories and fishing life. Fishing? fishing? Oh, yea, that is what you do when you slow down and enjoy life.

  2. Ha! You weren't kidding, Howard! I think you sent some before you left, I wonder what's going to follow. Your storms have blown out my river, and I can't fish for pike 🙁

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