Friday, June 5th.
With my gear loaded in my car the night before, as soon as I was out of work, I headed North. No one else could go, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was on a mission, a musky mission. Ever since I caught my first one last year, I just can’t seem to get that fish off of my mind…as my best friend, The Fat Gordo, would say, “I’m Musky Minded.”
I arrived to my destination with 1.5 hours left of day light. I did not waste any time.
Bugs love the Subie.
Fly Rod.
Extra Fly in my hat.
Go Fish!
40 minutes into my short wade, I hook into something big.
Strip set.
Oh. Wow. It’s big! 
(I know, I know…That’s what she said.)
After the initial hook up, I could tell what it is by it’s ever distinctive fighting style. It kept digging, and digging.
…It’s a tank smallie!
Saturday, June 6th.
It was in the mid 70’s when went to sleep, but I woke up at 5 am to my car telling me it was 38 degree’s outside. Awesome. It eventually warmed up to the mid 70’s again.
Clear blue skies. Not the most idea musky conditions, and that theory proved true for the day. I did have 2 follows, but they were definitely only following, and not partaking in any extra curricular activities that day. The only fish that came out to play was this small jaw, I spotted tailing in a shallow pool between some rocks. It was the end of the day, Saturday skunk, no more.
CARF approves of this.

Upon arriving back to my car, I noticed something on my car door handle. To my surprise, it was a tube, that was already rigged. I laughed, because, I immediately knew who left it. He’s sort of a tube fanatic. Hahaha It’s always good to know you’ve got friends out there in another state, in the middle of the woods checking on your car. Haha!

Forever thankful for the person who left this tube, for pointing The Fat Gordo and I in the right direction!
After some dinner, and a few New Glarus Moon Men. Exhausted as I was from a very long wade, and casting my 10 weight all day, I mustered up enough to hit a spot of the river from shore. Hooked up with 2 nice sized smallies. 1 on a spinnerbait, and another on a jig ‘n Stankx Bait Company sultress trailer. Then back to camp for another sandwich, and the rest of my beer.

Hands down IMO thee hardest fighting fish.
I was rained out on Sunday. Woke up to a huge storm rolling through, and after checking the future forecast, I decided it was best I just start heading home.
The fishing was tough, but that’s musky fishing, right?
Until next time…..

8 Replies to “Solo Musky Mission”

  1. Maybe next time will be Musky Day. On a side note, one shouldn't be influenced by Howard. He sometimes has evil thoughts (tying bench and the related story that I'm not telling).

  2. Justin, I have never fished for Musky to my area of the country being pretty void of those guys. However, I can sure agree with your assessment on Smallmouth Bass. What a wonderful, powerful, broad shouldered fish! Those \”Tanks\” you landed are indeed impressive…………….

  3. A buddy of mine lives near there, and fishes the same area. He saw my car and left somewhat of a business card. haha

  4. Haha 🙂 I'm not too influence by, Howard. I would like to see some of your ties. Might have to look through old posts.

  5. Thank you, Mel! Those smallies are definitely my favorite species. They've got permanent war paint for a reason…they're tough!

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