The snow is almost gone. I had almost forgotten what grass and mud looked like. Warmer temps are in the forecast for this week.

Costa and Motiv Fishing couldn’t have picked a better time to release the first episode of GEOBASS on YouTube. I’m super excited to get out there, and bass fish! Not the kind of bass fishing that the guys with Motiv are doing. (That could only be a dream….for now.)

Maybe, I’ll be able to hook up with some peacock bass when I’m in Florida next month.

Check out this video. It’s sure to get you pumped up for warmer weather and bass fishing.

6 Replies to “Bass Fishing – It’s almost time!”

  1. Going to try big poppers and a stout fiberglass rod? You can get an old fiberglass fly rod for cheap, plus they are pretty strong. You don't need sensitivity for topwater.

  2. As I was floating around the Trout Pond yesterday, I could see a couple of pretty large Bass in the sand areas. I think they were spawning, but what do I know from Bass. Two of the three I saw were probably bigger than 12\”. Might have to look into that this summer.

  3. Where are you going to be in Florida? If Miami, I highly suggest C-2 and C-100 for Peacock Bass, lots of accessibility and readily available fish.

  4. I have never casted a fiberglass fly rod before. If I can find someone that already has a glass rod, I'd definitely love to try it. Ed's already building me a rod at the moment. He's probably not building it just yet. I love catching bass top water. I just got a bunch of foam, so, some big poppers are next up on the menu when I'm done tying up salt water flies for myself.

  5. That's what I primarily fish for here living just outside of Chicago. I love bass! Largemouth and smallmouth bass are a great fight on a 5/6 wt set up. You should definitely look into that, Mark!! If you interested, I could probably hook you up with a fly or two.

  6. I'll be in Fort Meyer's for 3.5 days, and I'll be able to fish the surf at my leisure. Then I'll be in Orlando for 6.5 days. I'll only be able to fish there a few times. Have any knowledge of the Gulf side?

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