I’ve been pretty excited for my trip to Florida.  It’s given me a fresh mindset at the tying desk.  Here I thought I was going to be tying up some big bait fish flies, boy was I wrong!  I’ve been asking around and have been told that small flies are the way to go when fishing the surf. Size 4, 6, and 8….I never would have thought that.  I’ll still be bringing some big meaty flies with me, because, I just have to! 🙂

I would like to say thanks to the following people, for providing me with some knowledge about fishing the area I will be in, and saltwater in general:
Captain Austin Adduci of Grab Your Fly Charters

A.J. Gottschalk over at Nickel & Dime Fly Fishing

and my buddy Dom. (Who introduced me to fly fishing.)
Here’s what I’ve cooked up at the vise, thus far.
Red and black Gurgler
EP Fiber bait fish…mullet?
Some small white EP bait fish for the surf. Snook Candy
Fly inspired by +Luis Santiago whose fly was inspired by Waters Edge Fly Co.
Orange bucktail and craft fur shrimp pattern.
Size 6 Fox fur shrimp.
Size 6 Fox fur and zonker strip shrimp. 1 is weighted and the other is not.
Hopefully, these will end up in the face of a saltwater fish, and I’ll be able to cross some new fish off my species list.

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  1. Looks like a solid set of flies. Great job on the bench. I would recommend one additional pattern: try trying some clouser's in pink. Has been my number one go to salt fly in florida. Tight lines and cannot wait for the report.

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