Just like, Mel over at The Pond Stalker, I love catching me some crappie and other various panfish on the fly. Lakes and ponds are where I grew up fishing, and those are the bodies of water nearest to my home. I spend a lot of time at these places after work during the week catching bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and bass.
I just wanted to share an old picture of the biggest crappie I have ever caught, and it was on a size 4 black zonker. I thought I had a decent sized bass on, then I saw the flash of it’s side. It was pretty exciting.
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What’s your biggest crappie on the fly??
What’s your biggest crappie ever??

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  1. Although I'm primarily a trout fisherman, I have to say that fishing ponds for bass and bluegill is a fun distraction when I need to stay close to home. That's one nice crappie!

  2. Thanks, Justin, for the shout out! I appreciate that very much….The biggest Crappie I have ever landed was about 12\”. They sure pull and tug, but, I find I am thinking about that soft paper mouth of theirs and always hold my breath when I have one on.

  3. I find them very interesting, because, they require such a different fishing method, compared to bass and bluegill. They require some finesse. I usually only catch small ones. I wish I would have measured this one. Look at the mouth on that one!! It's huge!

  4. They are definitely a great distraction if you cannot get out to the river for trout. I prefer fishing rivers, too, but for smallmouth and toothy predators.

  5. That's one fine fish! I don't think I've ever caught a large crappie. Most to the ones I've caught have been while fishing for other fish as bycatch. They've always been small, like bluegill-sized.

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