With the Bass Master Classic going on down in South Carolina right now, I figured there was no better time than to help out all of you hopeful Bass Pro fisherman out. I hope you have a crayon and construction paper ready for some notes, because, you’re going to want to write all of this down, that is of course, if you don’t have access to a printer.
Bass Pro – Mike Iaconelli
Justin Carfagnini’s: How to fish like the Pro’s
The basics:
1. Rod – It just doesn’t matter.
2. Reel – It just doesn’t matter.
3. Line – It just doesn’t matter.
The secret combo to becoming a Bass Pro:
1. Red and white bobber – It’s a classic, and classics catch fish.
2. Steel leader – Because, you never know when you’re going to run into those toothy predators. It also, has a snap at the end, so, you can change out whatever lure you didn’t know how to use out, for other lures you do not know how to use.
3. Red/white Daredevle spoon – It flat out catches fish.
Take a moment and gather yourself. I know your mind has just been blown away. 
To give you a visual of what this type of set up looks like, and it’s capabilities, please see below. I discovered the secret back in 2005, and have enough will power and knowledge of self to know, that I just cannot handle it’s fish catching powers. So, in the year 2005, it stayed.
…and here is a closer look at the set up. It was extremely effective in catching crayfish/crawfish, too. You might ask yourself, but why would you want to catch those when you’re out bass fishing a big tournament. Simple answer – to see what color they are, so, you can better match the forage of body of water you’re trying to win big bucks on, duh!
Yankee’s hat…I definitely don’t remember that. What in the hell? haha
Hope this helps all of you out there!!!!!

9 Replies to “How to fish like the Pro’s”

  1. I often pull a red worm under said red/white bobber to locate Bluegill in one of the local lakes. Then hit them with a fly. Kind of like a fish finder.

  2. Oh, so a red and white Bobber about 4 feet above a red and white Daredevil spoon ought to do it. I am on it…………………………………..Howard, you forgot the \”Hot Babe\” to ride in your car!

  3. Thee old bait and switch! I used to do that with my conventional gear. I'd soak bait with 1 rod and cast lures with the other. Here in Illinois you're only allowed 2 rods in the water at a time.

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