This Chicagoland area received 19.5 inches of snow Saturday night through Monday morning. I spent some of that time out on the roads, and the Outback was a beast! I had zero issues, and I was extremely impressed with it’s handling of all the snow on the road. It was very difficult for the plows to keep up, and most of the roads were a mess, but it was not a problem.
Bring on some more snow!!!….Yeah, right! I’m over it. I told my shovel, that we need to start seeing other people/things.
On another note, I was rooting for the Patriots to win, but why in the world wouldn’t you give it to Lynch on the 1 yard line! Congrats, to the New England Patriots, and all of their fans. 

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  1. i felt like i was in a time-warp for a minute with you talking about the superbowl. :)glad your suburu likes the snow. sounds like there's plenty to go around!

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