This past Saturday (05/02/2015) I fished in the GLKFS first event of the 2015 season.

Location – Lake Delevan in Wisconsin. I’ve never fished it. The water was crystal clear and you could see 20-25ft down.

Start time – 0630.

Target species – Northern Pike.

My results – I arrived and launched 35 minutes late. I missed 5 pike, and ended my day skunked of all species. All 5 follows came on a smaller black baitfish pattern of mine with my fly rod. The lures I was tossing with my baitcaster didn’t even warrant a follow. The day was not a complete loss, I did win a Backwaters Fishing Assault Hand Paddle as a raffle door prize. It was a gorgeous day to fish, and my tan lines prove it.

Fist full of feathers, flash, and fur.

Sunday. I needed to stick around the house to help with some of the outside work, so, I lined up my new featherweight and Abel reel fiberglass set up and got to casting. 

My line from Shadow Fly Fishing came in, and after lining it up, it doesn’t even load my rod well at all. I figured the 7 wt WF line would be great for my 5/6 rod, but I think there has to be some sort of error, and was sent a lesser weight line. My sinking 5 wt line loads this rod better. I’ve got to email someone about that.
Well, I managed to miss a bunch of crappie, but I did get to land one. Bo Marley came over to give him a once over, before I tossed the little fish back.
Bo Marley approves.

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