Took a ride with my Uncle and Cousin to help with the grunt work of setting up my grandparents camper.

Things on the usual agenda.

1. Get the roof/tarp over the screened in deck.

  • Not a problem for my Cousin Donny and I. The key to getting the roof/tarp over is a trick our Grandfather taught us of rolling it up, and once it’s through the tracks, we can then roll it down over the rest of the roof, but the thing that made this go so quickly was my Uncle Mike utilizing the broom stick. =)
  • This was the hardest part of the day, and to think, our Grandfather used to do this by himself with the help of our Grandmother using the broomstick. Unbelievable.

Clean up all of the leaves that accumulated on the deck and stayed all Winter.

  • There was an incredible amount of leaves on the deck. We grabbed 3 brooms, and started sweeping. It was not until we were pretty much finished that we had the thought of a leaf blower. My Uncle went to check the shed, and sure enough, there was a leaf blower. There’s no doubt that Papa Carf was definitely shaking his head and laughing at us.
Roll out the carpet.
  • Check.
Set up the tables, chairs, and cabinets.
  • Check.
Make sure there were not mice.
  • No rodents. The moth balls win, again!
Run the water and make sure the electric works.
  • Check.
My Grandma is going to be selling it this summer. A lot of good times and great memories were had here. It’s going to be a sad day once it’s sold. Until then let we’re going to enjoy it with our Grandma and the rest of the family a few more times.
For those of you that do not know. My Grandfather passed away July 2014. I’ve had a draft post about it pended for quite some time. One of these days I’ll muster up enough to finish it.

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  1. Great job, Justin! You will look back at this post, and, perhaps the one you have cued up in draft form, with a little more emotion than those just talking about fishing. Write these posts and get them on the blog. You will be forever grateful when their in written form for you to look back and recall.

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