With the new job, I am able to step away from the office and down the street to a local forest preserve lake, Busse Woods. I kayak and fish this lake often. Tons of people come here to fish, kayak, jog, and bike.

Once I get there on my lunch break, what do you think I do?
A. Kayak
B. Fish
C. Jog
D. Nap
E. Skateboard

If you guessed “B” you answered correctly. If I were to nap in my car, I’d just stay in the parking lot at work and maximize my napping time. All of the other things I listed, I just don’t have time for on my lunch, but you can bet I’ll be doing one of those on the weekends.

Not a bad way to end the work week. Friday lunch time bass!
Caught this little guy on a KVD rattle trap. I really need to start leaving my fly rods set up, lined, and ready to go in my car. 

7 Replies to “Lunch Time Bass”

  1. Nothing like being lucky enough to fish close to where you work. I mean work close to where you can fish. Throw that fly rod in your car!

  2. Justin, the KVD Rattle Trap strikes again. Good work. I love fishing local ponds as often as I can……………………

  3. Oh, my fly rods are in my car, but they're in their tubes. I keep my baitcaster on the the inside roof of my car with bungees. I never know when I'm going to take the dogs somewhere, so, I don't want to risk breaking the rods. I'll think of something.

  4. It does! It's a search bait just like a spinner bait or spoon. Just looks sort of like a fish and has a loud rattle, and it works haha

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