So, we finally got cable at the house.  I haven’t had cable for 4 years.  I don’t watch much television, but one day I got hooked on this show on The History Channel, and started binge watching it.  The skill the guys on this show have are incredibly impressive.  While this is a reality TV show that’s a contest like Survivor, you can actually learn and take away things from this show, unlike 95% of the other crap that’s on the air.
After watching this show, I started to do some research on Bush craft, and realized, I should know some of this stuff.  Most of the knowledge I obtained can be used when I’m out on my fishing/camping trips….such as…making a fire.  So, I started to do more research on proper knives.  I have had my SOG Seal PUP for the longest time, and it’s been a great blade, and provides me with a sense of protection when I carry it on my person, while I’m wandering or wading in the places I am.  The only drawback to the knife is, it doesn’t stay sharp for long, and it really is limited to certain applications around camp.
Feather stick with the SOG Seal PUP.
Prison shank???

My bush craft knife research brought me to purchase a Morakniv Companion.  I read countless reviews, and you just cannot beat the high ratings and the price of around $15 bucks.  This knife was super sharp right out of the sheath, and it felt great in the hand.  After using it a few times to make some feather sticks, and then use it on a few outings, I was extremely impressed.  You seriously cannot find this high quality product for that price anywhere. 

Here are a few feather sticks I made with this blade.  They look good, right?  They helped light a fire just fine, too.  I liked this knife so much, I bought one for The Fat Gordo as a gift, for when he’s out on his solo trips.
Some other Bush crafty things I learned from Alone Show was these guys carved out their own spoons.  Over the winter, I plan on giving carving out some spoons, and other random things out of wood.  Adding another hobby to my never ending list.  
Anyone else dabble in bush craft or wood carving?

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  1. Can't go wrong with a good knife. I have one I was going to donate to the fly club raffle until I looked up the price on the net. $70. Like I said, I have one. The other one I have is like one of those Rambo knives. I've never needed to sharpen it. Never know when you'll need a good knife.

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