My buddy Adam aka The Slaunch Mob (Instagram – @theslaunchmob) decided that he wanted to pick up fly fishing.  We were finally able to get out and fish with one another, and since we both have a love for smallies, we decided to wade a stretch on the DPR that he fished the day before with minimal luck.  There were some storms that rolled through, so, the water was high, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and getting some casting time.
We were skunked, but it was a good time none the less.
Here’s a short short video of the outing.  Basically, it was just me playing with different camera angles and working on my editing for future stuff.  Turned out pretty cool.
Enjoy the skunk.
Here’s an awesome shot that Adam took while I was casting into the morning fog with the sun peering over the trees.  If you’re on Instagram, I suggest you give him a follow.  You certainly won’t find fishing shirts quite like his anywhere else.

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