This weekend was a bit strange for me.  Part of the strange was me fishing exclusively with my spinning rod.  The other part was hooking into a yellow bullhead.  One of the reasons I decided to go with my spinning rod was, I wanted to catch the fish in the backyard utilizing a different method.  I like variety.

On Saturday, I decided to use my spinning rod to toss out a floating Rapala lure with hopes of finding some bass cruising in the shallows.  15 minutes into my backyard outing, I hook into a fish.  At first I thought it was a bass, and as I was reeling it in, it was sort of barrel rolling on the surface of the water all of the way in.  I was surprised, because, that’s a new species to my knowledge for the backyard lake.

I’ve handled quite a few catfish this year of all different sizes…I’ve lip grabbed all of them with no problem.  Did they bite down, yes.  Did they hurt, no.  All good, I’ll just lip grab this little bullhead to better get the lure free.   OUCH!!!!!  Teeth like Velcro just like a bass, but I was not expecting them to have such a strong bite.  Whoa!!!  I was totally not expecting this little dude to have such a strong jaw.  While I was cursing the bullhead out, it bit down even harder, and I just couldn’t wait to get my finger free, so, the lure had to come out after me.  Haha

Note: The short video is silent.  There were some curse words and laughing, but the GoPro case doesn’t have good audio.  I hope it works.  If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to play it on my Instagram page – ( JUSTINCARF )

***Click on the center to get it to play***

After quite a few curse words with laughing in between, I was finally free, and then the lure was, and this little guy was free to swim and terrorize me, again, in the future.  I’ll be better prepared for him.
Oh yeah, he drew blood.  What as asshole! Haha

Sunday morning, I tied our little dog Bo Marley’s leash to my belt and went into the backyard.  I brought my spinning rod, again, but this time I tossed a Mann’s -1 in the firetiger color scheme.  Bo barks at my lure whenever he see’s it and I can see it in his eyes that he want’s to chase it out into the lake.  
I’ve caught fish with him tied to me before, but he’s never seen a big fish.  I hooked into a decent little guy and Bo tried biting at it’s tail while I was trying to get the lure out.  After getting the lure out I let him make a fishy friend….and he licked him.  Is it weird for new friends lick each other? Daisy is visiting with my Mom, but I’m curious how she would react to a fish.  We shall see.
***Click on the center to get it to play***
Bo Marley meet Bass.  Bass meet Bo Marley.
It was a good weekend.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with fishing with a spinning rod. I fish with them all the time. On a side note, the biting Catfish, sharks do it also. I know this from personal experience.

  2. I don't mind spin fishing, either, Mark. I'm all for mixing it up, and testing out my skills with different techniques. One of my favorites is tossing a fluke for bass. It's so much fun!I'm not so sure I would stick my finger in a sharks mouth haha

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