Just going over some itinerary with Dave (Urban Assault Fly Fishing) for our upcoming Musky Country trip. Got me thinking about food…
I’m always jealous of the meals that Jeff (High Plains Fly Fisher) has cooked up on his trips. I’m curious what everyone else enjoys cooking out there.
What are some of your favorite campfire grilled meals?
Some chicken I cooked up on a Missouri float trip.

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  1. Being a Geezer, I've given up on campfire cooking. When the wife and I camp (in the Clipper) we haul along a small Weber. I cook what she decides we're having for dinner. It's what happens when you get old.

  2. I guess you could start calling me old, too. The last 2 years, all of my camping trips have consisted of whatever is easiest. Lunch meat, bread, and chips seem the way to go.

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