During my first turkey outing I came across a pile of remains. I was unable to figure out what they belonged to, can you help ID these bones?

Can You Help ID These Bones?
Can You Help ID These Bones?Skull and Feathers

While I was hiking on the main trail of the WMA (Wildlife Management Area) in Minnesota I was in, I came across this pile. Originally, I only found 1 of the smaller skulls, and totally thought it was a turkey. I know nothing about any of this stuff, and the feathers appeared brown in color and it seemed like a larger bird.

Pile of remains that were found on a WMA.
Duck, Duck…Goose?
Did this belong to a duck?
Can You Help ID These Bones?
Goose? Swan?

Later that day I texted a few buddies of the find, and Tom said finding the beak would be a cool find. Well, on my way out, I back tracked a bit and went back to the spot to poke around with a stick. I uncovered 1 more small skull, and a bigger one.

What bird did this spine belong to?

Are you good with animals, specifically birds? Can you help ID these?

Duck. Duck. Goose?

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