The StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel is coming soon, and from what I can tell there are a bunch of fly Tyers and shops interested in them. I know that I am!

StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel

These fly wheels are going to be great display pieces for fly shops, and any Fly Tyers that do a lot of shows. They’ll even be great for people who tie, and simply run out of fly boxes, not to mention they would look great in a fly tying room.

If you’re in the market or simply just want one, I’d keep an eye out for their release. I’m sure they’re going to go FAST once they’re announced for sale on the website. Coming soon!

StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel
Well, doesn’t that look awesome!
StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel in 3 different sizes.
There will be 3 different sizes of the StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel.
StreamWalker Nets Fly Wheel will hold tools, hooks, and beads.
A place to store your tools, hooks, and beads.

I’m not sure if StreamWalker Nets is still looking for name suggestions for the Fly Wheel, but if they are…visit the StreamWalker Nets Facebook post below and drop a name suggestion in the comments if you have a cool one!

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