Vehicle Modifications

I have been very very slowly planning out and making modifications to my new/used Subaru Outback. This is by far my most favorite vehicle to […]

Bald-Faced Hornet

Hiking around the Northwoods, I came across this small utility shed/building of sorts. Attached to it was the biggest hive I have ever seen with […]

Exploring the Northwoods

On a recent trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, The Fat Gordo and I took a walk. Instead of wading back to our camp, we […]

Birds of Prey

Whenever I am out driving around, fishing, kayaking, or doing whatever. I am always on the lookout for birds of prey. I keep a pocket […]

Found some models

These are my and my girlfriends dogs. Daisy (pitbull), and Bo (shit-poo). I hired them for cheap. A few pieces of chicken was all that […]


Not the fishing type of skunk, either. Like every morning before I let my dogs out in the yard at 3:30 AM, I turn the […]

My New Ride

Back in September 2012 my Toyota Matrix was totaled when I hit a deer, and then was hit by 2 other vehicles on my way […]

Grandparents Camper

Helped open up my grandparents camper at Fish Lake. Did some cleaning and helped with all of the heavy lifting to get it all ready […]

Face To Face

Face to Face – BlindI was just listening to this song on repeat on my iPod. It’s addicting!Thought I would share my cover of the song.Enjoy!