Helped open up my grandparents camper at Fish Lake. Did some cleaning and helped with all of the heavy lifting to get it all ready for Memorial day weekend when the whole family usually goes up to get together.

Lot’s of memories at this camper, and it’s very hard to believe they’ve owned it for 14 years now.

Before this permanent camper/trailer, they had an old pop up camper. They belonged to a camping group that went to different campgrounds every year around the states of Illinois and Wisconsin. They’re one of the reasons I learned to love and appreciate the outdoors.

Looking forward to making more memories with the family sharing laughs and stories around the campfire, taking my cousins fishing at the lake, and just having a good old time with the family.

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  1. That's so awesome that you got to do those things with your grandparents. Many grandkids aren't that lucky. I had a camper in the desert that has a lot of fond memories. What's strange is most of them are when it was so windy and sandy outside we just hunkered down and played board games and cards.

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