I stopped by my local honey hole to see if the big bluegill wanted to play. Casted a small boogle popper with my custom FSA 3 wt, and the bluegill did not disappoint. They accepted my blue popping invitation with excitement, jumping out of the water with each delivery. Every cast was greeted with as much excitement as the last. It was a fun 30 minutes.

Taking more than they can handle.
All jacked up on mountain dew, and came at me like a spider monkey, but I was ready. I came in first, and he came in last.
The Fuzz showed up forcing everyone to dip.
I even made a new friend. There’s no doubt his kung-fu will grow strong, and he will enjoy plenty of pizza.
Turtle planking…this little dude is on some next level shit. Look at that focus…and the form…perfection.

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