Finally – I found a bass at the lake I have a love/hate relationship with.

Got out early to beat the storms that were in the forecast. With some tips I received from my buddy Geo over at Geo Fishing on Facebook, I headed toward an area he had success in the day before. I brought both my fly rod, and spinning rod. I was casting a double willow spinner bait along the edges of the weed beds, and what do ya know…I hook up with my first largemouth bass on the new kayak. It was also my first decent bass of the year. I was stoked!

Not the biggest of bass, but that doesn’t matter to me.
I had a few misses later on before calling it a day. On my way back to the boat launch it seemed the fishing was starting to pick up, because, I saw a few guys fishing from shore hook up multiple times with bass tossing spinner baits.

Catch – Photo – Release
Slowly but surly I am starting to figure this lake out.
I am also starting to really need/want an anchor trolley on my kayak, but I need to hold off, because, there is a possibility of me upgrading to a Hobie. Negotiations are in the happening as I type.

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  1. I have only caught four fish so far this year. Only four trips and got skunked twice. You are doing much better than I am.

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