$50 for a pair of nippers…. You must be out of your damn mind!

That was my initial reaction when I saw the price tag on the Abel nippers. In fact that is still my reaction to the price tag on the nippers. One day I was just browsing around and found the nippers for $25. That still seemed overpriced to me for something that is just going to cut line, but I caved and bought them for the discounted price to find out what all of the hype was about.

I have been using them for 11 months now, and I must say…I absolutely love them! I like to think of them as the Lamborgini/Ferarri of the nipper world, because, of their performance. They cut line of any test with ease. It’s like you’re cutting line with a mini light saber. The teeth/blades on the nippers are replaceable, so, if they ever do get dull, you can try to sharpen them yourself or order a replacement set from Abel (Cost unknown to me).

Another great use for the nippers is cleaning the eyes of hook or small jigs. There is a place on the nippers that was made for this. Come in handy when you forgot to clean the eyehole of a fly you just tied, and got a little carried away with the head cement or Clear Cure Goo.

There have been a few days where I have forgotten them in my truck on an outing, and I needed to use my spare $5 Orvis clippers…let’s just say I was not a happy camper. Not that it would ruin, rather one of those thoughts in your head that you just can’t let go of – “Damn it, I forgot my clippers.”

Sounds absurd, right? Well it is…. They’re clippers for crying out loud!! What the hell is wrong with me? Haha

If you’re ever presented the chance to purchase them for $25, I’d say do it. I guarantee that you will enjoy them. Hell – if you don’t care about money, do it, and buy me an extra pair while you’re at it! 🙂

I don’t even want to get in to how much the custom painted ones. Sheesh! They sure do look pretty though.

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  1. I sure appreciate how you approached this post. $50 for the clippers eliminates most any fly fisherman I have been around lately. Certainly, us Senior Citizen fly fishers who live on a fixed income. Ok, for $25, that would be fine. Now, how do I get the word out so that something like these Abel Nippers could just show up. Say on Father's Day!

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