Is there a body of water that you absolutely hate, but can’t seem to stay away from?

Well, Busse Lake is that place for me. It’s a large body of water that offers a variety of species.  An angler can catch bluegill, crappie, carp, largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and musky…and it’s only been 10 to 25 minutes from me for the past 15 years, so, what’s not to like!


I have yet to hook something huge at Busse, and my visits to the lake have decreased throughout the years. I was proud of myself for only fishing there 5 times last year. It was a challenge, because, every week I would read reports on a local fishing forum of guys consistently killing it over here, catching huge bass, keeper walleye, and musky!

Fast forward to my heavier days a few years later. One of the first fish I caught on the fly.

Now that I have a kayak, I can now fish off the beaten path that is usually crowded. I can get to those places that I could only see from a distance. This is the year that I make Busse Lake my bitch!

After work today, I headed on over to the lake. As I was unloading a guy was just finishing up his day on the water from his kayak. He told me he landed a 30″ musky on a night crawler. Awesome – I brought my 9 wt and musky flies 🙂 

4/0 single.

I floated around and tossed the usual musky meat. I hooked up with a few downed trees, but no fish. Paddled around some more. Saw some activity near some downed trees, so, I slowly and silently made my way to what looked like baitfish trying to get away from something. I casted. Thump. I could feel something with significant size on the other end…could this be?!?! Then as fast as it happened, the line went slack. I felt broken. I made more than a few casts back into the area, but there was nothing. Could that have been a Busski (Musky from Busse)!! I’ll never know….

Crotch Shot!

Finished the day skunked for the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks at Busse.


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  1. Not that the photos aren't awesome, but a higher angle would be more… flattering. Just saying. I went my whole life in Illinois with out hooking a muskie let a lone seeing one from closer than twenty feet. Keep at it, and I am sure you will get bit.

  2. It is hard to keep grabbing the fly rod when you hear stories of spin fisherman pulling monsters out here and there. I think this summer I'll use my spinning rod more.

  3. I prefer my fly rod, but if it's a quick trip I will take either my spinning or baitcasting set up. If it's somewhere I won't have enough space for a back cast, I will take the others, as well.The previous outings I had on this lake last week from my kayak, I brought my other gear. This was the first outing with my fly gear.

  4. Indeed. All of the reports from guys who have been killin' it there haven't been using fly fishing gear. I do flip flop what I use, as far as gear goes, but I prefer my fly rod. Although, I do believe I will be using my spinning and baitcaster more this year, just because of the addition of the kayak, and the waters I plan on fishing.

  5. I had a few shots at a musky last year at Mallard Lake while bass fishing. I wasn't prepared for anything with teeth, and it snapped my 9 lb leader.I don't have a mount for my camera, yet, and have been researching the best way to do it, to my liking. Yesterday, I just used my suction cup mount on the only part of my kayak that it would stick, and that was as high as it would go. I actually thought the shots were higher, but I was wrong. ha

  6. You can make a pretty simple mount with half inch PVC and a GoPro mounting head. I made my first one with 1/4 aluminum rod and another out of 3.8th inch tubing. Just get a little creative and you can have something that suits your needs and is inexpensive. Shoot me an email if you want to go over plans and ideas.

  7. First, love the shirt. Go Hawks! Secondly, stick with the Muskie! I have been I don't know how many trips and hours spent and I have only caught three, two of which on one freak trip. Good luck and tight lines!

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