My first fish in the state of Minnesota was illegal.
The photograph above shows a beautiful healthy smallmouth bass, a big smile on my face, and my ever so popular white sunglasses, but there’s a big issue that is not shown in the photograph.  This fish was caught during the closed season for bass here in Minnesota, and I had no idea.
I had completely forgot that I wasn’t in Illinois, and overlooking the fact that each state has different regulations, even for catch and release.  I’m thankful for the 2 guys that shot me a message to inform me, because, I would have kept fishing on my lunch break while unknowingly breaking the rules.  Big shout out goes to Tom of Voyageur Pursuits and Aaron of Scavenger Fly.  You guys saved me a future fishing ticket, and I THANK YOU!
Minnesota Fishing Dates
Walleye, Northern Pike and Bass – May 13 – Feb 25
Musky – June 3 – Dec 1
Crappie, Blueys, White Bass, Perch, Channel Cats, Bull heads – Open year round
For more information on Minnesota fishing regulations, please visit this link – MINNESOTA FISHING REGULATIONS
If you’re traveling or have moved to a new state, don’t be like me, remember to check the regulations.

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