This is a super late post, but back in March…or was it April.  I have no idea.  Sometime this early Spring I went fishing.  It was fun, and I was given some trout fishing lessons from Joel Ebbers, Matt Ebbers, and Aaron Przybylski of Scavenger Fly as they sat on the bank of a juicy run and watched me fish.
The words of advice I received from all of them.
“Mend It.  Mend It.  Mend It.  Mend It.”
Joel working a run while Aaron watches intently.

Aaron and I started out with streamers, but switched over to nymphs and the fishing really turned on for everyone but me, but that’s expected, because, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Aaron hooked up with a brown trout…
…almost got it…
…and fish.
Matt working a nymph in the distance.
Aaron showing me how to “MEND IT”
Matt working one of his finely tied streamers through a really nice run that should have produced a few trout more than it did.
Almost forgot Mr. Jim Aronson was there at the start of the day, but left early….and of course he did what he always does – catch fish.
Brown trout caught by Jim.
Driftless brown trout caught by Jim.
Big thanks to the guys for showing me the ways of trout, and how important it is to mend your line.  An extra big thanks goes out to Joel and Matt for picking up my net that fell off of me while making my way back to the car.  Oh, and a nice to meet you goes out to Jake White who we came across on the walk back.
Until next time.

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