I recently jumped aboard the Clear Cure Goo drift boat. I ordered the starter kit, 2 packs of eyes, and 2 stickers.  I was excited when I saw my package had arrived, and even more excited to find out they added a few more stickers (I like stickers..I mean who doesn’t!), and CCG has some really awesome stickers! The Steve Zissou sticker is funny,  Pat Cohen’s Wolf Fish is my favorite sticker from the bunch.

Warning: Looking deep into CCG eyes may cause you to fall in love with them, and cause you to completely forget about the eyes you used to use.

That is the disclaimer that should be on every label of the CCG eyes, because, it holds true. I completely forgot about the eyes I used to use. In fact, I completely forgot what brand they were, too.

As for the “Goo” itself, it is a very cool and interesting product. It’s definitely not like any glue/epoxy I have ever used, because, it’s “goo.” Seriously, who has fun applying glue/epoxy to flies? CCG has made finishing my flies fun. Apply the goo, and then hit it with the special UV flashlight, and bam….the fly is finished. There is no waiting around for it to dry. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

The Goo Is The Poo!

Here is an illusion of a baitfish I tied, modeled by the Kris Angel Magic box set.

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