Geofish – Volume 1: Mexico
DVD & Blue Ray

I saw the trailer for this at the first Fly Fishing Film Tour about 2 years ago in Wilmette, IL, and I must say the trailer had me pumped! I even had my friends that don’t fly fish watch the trailer, and it had them equally excited.

GEOFISH Trailer from MOTIV FISHING on Vimeo.

The Motiv Fishing guys are awesome, and do an excellent job showing the journey. I’ve read quite a few reviews that complained that there wasn’t enough fishing, but I think they missed the point. Yes, it is a fishing film, but I also think a film like this, where you set out to drive across an entire country, is about more than just fishing. It’s about the journey, and the adventure of exploring the land, seeing/experiencing things you wouldn’t normally see, and overcoming obstacles, to get to these remote places to fish.

Besides, this is a series. That means that there is a lot more fishing to be done. The fish porn will cometh.

All in all….It’s a great fishing/adventure film, and I can only dream about going on a trip like this.

I recommend it!

Note: Even my friends that don’t fly fish even enjoyed the film.

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