My cubicle at work was bland and lacking some flare. So, I decided to tie up a fly to display at my desk, to show off my craft, and to remind me spring is not far away.
I went with the cotton candy pattern that has brought me great success this past year. I’m hoping it’ll bring some of that mojo to help me succeed in my new position. 
…but I am certain, it will be coming along with me for an outing up north, to chase those emerald green monsters. So, it’s stay is temporary.

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  1. Haha I haven't brought my vise to work, either. I don't think my boss would be too happy with me showing off my craft, while at work, when I should be working. HAHA

  2. Thank you, Howard! My desk at work is organized and clean…the complete opposite of my desk at home. (I push all the junk off to the side for pictures)

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