Tenkara Fly

It gets boring tying the same thing over and over. So, I decided that it was time I try to tie myself a Tenkara fly. I’ve been following a few people through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that post a few things about Tenkara. The person that most inspired me to tie up a Tenkara style fly was a fellow Blogger Mr. Troutrageous!
Size 14 hook, a feather – I didn’t look up what type of feather to use, so, I used a small grizzly hackle, hackle clip, and some thread.

While very simple to tie, this fly looks extremely effective for a number of species. The bluegill and small bass at a few of my local ponds and small creeks would kill this fly, especially, in the evening when the mosquito’s hatch. I’ll just have to toss this with my 3wt until I decide it’s time for a Tenkara rod.

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  1. Will be awaiting some feedback on your Bluegill experiences. I have not fished Tenkara nor do I own any Tenkara gear. That being said, I think the flies would fish well in most any manner.

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