Back in May my buddy Grant asked if I wanted to meet at the Elm Creek Single Track for some mountain biking. He’s invited me out before, but I’ve always been timid (afraid) of going. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it. This time I agreed to go. I figured it would be a great to get past my fear of not being good enough and embarrassing myself.

I also figured it would be a great day to test out my new Flow helmet from LEM. I’ve been using the Boulevard helmet from LEM for all of my riding around the streets of the Twin Cities. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Flow performs, and review it later.

LEM Helmets Flow and Boulevard.

What a great experience – I cannot believe it’s taken me so long to finally ride on one of these trails! So stoked that I finally agreed to meet Grant up, and that he consistently invited me out, and didn’t give up on me.

Elm Creek Single Track June

I only had 1 scare during the ride, but I was able to slow down to get a foot down for control. If I hadn’t, I would have most definitely catapulted myself in to the forest. It was hot out, but the reward of an ice cold Hamms was totally worth it. Hitting up the Elm Creek Single Track is something I see myself doing more of.

LEM Flow Helmet and Hamms.


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