The Hatch Outdoors One Fly Fits All contest is a fun way to use a chartreuse clouser minnow fly. I learned of the contest when it was originally posted on Friday July 10th while I was preparing to get lost in Wisconsin for the week.

Hatch Outdoors One Fly Fits All Contest

Before I left, I checked my fly boxes to make sure that I had some chartreuse closures (because everyone should have a few), but I didn’t! Needless to say I hit the vise before I took off the next morning, and tied up a few fresh clouser minnows. I even tied a size 12 clouser. I thought I was going to have something different, but my secret fly was thwarted by a fellow #icatchsmallfish tour member Ellie Leafgren who tied a size 14!

The contest is simple…share a photo of a fish you caught with a clouser minnow, post it with the hashtag #oneflyfitsall and you’re entered. The contest runs until the end of the month, and there are 3 prize tiers. For full details about the One Fly Fits All contest please visit Hatch Outdoors.

Hatch Outdoors One Fly Fits All Contest

If you don’t have a chartreuse clouser in your fly box, you need to visit your local fly shop or tie a bunch for yourself NOW! To see another one of my favorite fly patterns for bass, check out this old post of my Minimum Cowbell Fly.

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  1. Hmm… I’ll have to go through my photos. Not that I’d win, but I do love me a Clouser minnow.
    P.S. – Thanks for all the social media love you’ve been giving, particularly on twitter. Much appreciated my friend!

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