It feels like I’ve spent the first 7 days of July 2020 prepping the Flycraft for it’s first float of the year. Covid and stay home orders crushed any motivation I had to get out on the water this Spring and early Summer. Better late than never, right!?

Prepping the Flycraft 2020

Smallmouth bass are one of my absolute favorite fish to target on the fly, and smallie floats are on the agenda for July. I’m actually running low on small flies right now, and desperately need to spend time at the vise so I can fill up my Vedavoo Strolis Seatback.

Free the fighter on the reel storage.

Unfortunately, while prepping the Flycraft for it’s first float in 2020, I found a small pinhole in the floor. All of my puncture/hole repair supplies are old, and no longer good. I know this, because, they wouldn’t hold when I tried to patch it. Going to be a few days until I can figure it out. Sad face.

Prepping the Flycraft 2020
New kayak stand

I will not let that small hole in the floor of my Flycraft stop me from getting out on the water. Made a call to the bullpen, and started to warm up (clean) the kayak. It had been sitting outside for quite a while and needed an extra deep clean. What do you think of my new kayak stand? 🙂

See you on the water!

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