Hatch Outdoors recently had a contest, and now I am asking for all of you to please vote for my homies! The One Fly Fits All contest came to an end and there were a bunch of entries for all 3 categories (Fresh Water, Salt Water, and Smokin Release). I had plans on participating, but I became too busy. I am thankful that 2 others picked up my slack to showcase the I Catch Small Fish Tour.

Danny P. and Ellie L. are big time #icatchsmallfishtour enthusiasts made it in to the finals in the Fresh Water (@driftless_is_more), and Smokin Release (@Ellie_leafgren) categories! I am so freaking STOKED for them!


If you’re reading this PLEASE VOTE for them so they can win the Hatch Outdoors Contest. Not only will they win some much deserved prize swag, but it’ll give the #icatchsmallfishtour some love, too! Voting ends this Friday, August 14th. Click the link below to cast your votes! Please 🙂

Ellie’s release video. What makes this special is it’s a beautiful pumpkinseed. Let’s give some lime light to the small fish, and the fish that are often overlooked in the mainstream of things.

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