My first impression of the Orvis Bug-Out Backpack is WOW this pack is awesome! Could this be the pack that meets all of my needs to carry fishing and camera gear? I think it very well might be.

First Impression: Orvis Bug-Out Backpack

For the longest time I struggled with carrying all of the gear I do for fishing, and for when I need to get a few shots while out on the water. All of the fishing backpacks I used you had access the main compartment from the top. That meant removing the entire backpack and placing it on the ground. With the Orvis Bug-Out Backpack, I simply just need to swing it around keeping one of the shoulder straps around my arm so I can access the side of the pack.

In my backyard I tested the new pack out with a Cliff Bugger Beast Jr fly box, and a Canon 5D IV camera body with a 70-200mm lens attached and they fit perfectly. I also tested out wearing the pack and accessing my camera via the side access and it worked like a charm.

The backpack is well built, and I appreciate the zippered internal pockets. This is going to be great for keeping this organized. I’m really looking forward to getting this pack out on the water to do some real testing with it. I’m curious to see how it handles with a camera and a net in the holster. Out of the box this pack is awesome, and that’s my first impression of the Orvis Bug-Out Backpack. Do you have one or are you interested in one?

Here are just a few of the features and specs:

  • 25 liter capacity
  • Side access to the main compartments
  • Integrated net holder
  • Water bottle or rod storage
  • Lots of zippered storage pockets
  • Lumbar support straps can be tucked away

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