Since last Sunday’s bluegill fest, the only thing I’ve caught were some sweet shots. The weather has been up and down, and when it has been nice….I’ve been at work. Go figure! This past Sunday, I did go out with a few friends in search of muskie at a local lake, but I had to leave my fly rod packed away in my car, because, it was extremely windy. We chucked big cranks, and inline spinners with no luck, but that’s nothing normal to me….I’ve never caught a muskie. The hunt continues….

One of my buddies muskie boxes, and him chuckin’ in the back.
My buddy walking on the bridge. I’m quite proud of this shot.
Skull of a squirell??
My other buddy Danny just chillen on the pier.
Danny serving up some inline spinners.
Me in my superhero stance looking over the lake for evil doing ski’s.

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  1. I don't even bother looking at the forecast anymore, because, I just got sick of seeing storms. haha. I mean I am thankful for the rain to replenish our lakes and rivers, but I just wish it would warm up and stop raining when I'm free to fish. Is that too much to ask 😛 ha

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