So, just the other day I was looking through my fly tying materials, and I found a few items that have been hiding from me…some foam spider bodies (Waspi). I remember purchasing these years ago when I first started tying, and I still had quite a few left. (I actually had 3 – 24 packs left – haha.) So, I decided to give them a go, and ended up running out of hooks. Now I think I have enough spiders to last the spring and summer.

Small spiders for Bluegill and sunfish.
Big spiders for the big Bluegill.
A bunch of EP Fiber patterns I tied. Hoping to fill this box by May.
These smaller flies (Beadheads) are new to me. I don’t normally tie stuff like this, but I’ve been wanting to learn to tie different patterns. I normally tie stuff for bass…streamers, clousers, etc..
A friend of mine has emailed me a book with a ton of different classic patterns in it for trout, so, eventually, I will be diving into that and trying to tie up some trout flies. Maybe, I’ll get to use them when I go out to the Driftless Area.
I wish I was out fishing right now, but we just had some huge storms the past few days, and especially yesterday into today that have every body of water flooded. There were a ton of road clousures today, and a 15 minute drive took me 1 hour, and to get home took me 2 hours. Ugghhhh!

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  1. They all look good. I need to get some of those foam ant bodies. I like what you did with the double glass bead on the midge. From the sounds of it, we are going to be flooded out for a while with more rain in the forecast next week.

  2. Thanks, man! Yeah those midges/beadheads are simple and fun to tie. I'm am starting to get addicted to them, because, of their simplicity. They turned out great with 2 coats of Clear Cure Goo hydro. That stuff is pretty awesome. I just saw the forecast. More rain just means more flies. haha

  3. Those all look good. Those spider pattens are really great for panfish and bass. Even grass carp will swipe at them occasionally. I've been tying a bunch too. Mine don't look as nice as yours.

  4. Nice ties! Looking good man. I know how it is- the more it rains, the more flies I tie.Re: the fly tying book- don't forget that those flies will catch fish other than trout too; I've caught bass on #12 soft hackles and #6 bucktail streamers that aren't exactly \”bass flies.\” Then again, maybe that's why I don't catch too many bass on flies… but if you like simple flies, there isn't much simpler than soft hackles. Thread and feather, that's it.Keep up the good work!

  5. Get those flies tied up now…it won't be long , Springs right around the corner!!I like those blue beaded chronomids , one of my favorite midge patterns for the Arkansas tailwaters uses a blue bead with dun thread body and silver wire.

  6. Oh yeah, I know those flies in that book will catch more than trout. Bluegill and sunfish will love each and every one of those patterns, as well! I'll hook you up with a few of my bass flies, and you'll hook up with a lot more than you did last year on the fly.

  7. That's a for sure! I've been a tying machine lately. Those were the first two chronomids I've ever tied. I seen how successful some people are with those, and decided to give them a go. They're fun, and easy to tie. The only reason I chose those colors is because I like them. Haha It's good to know that they'll work down south on the waters you fish.

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