Hello…my name is, Justin, and I’m a fly fishing gear junkie.

I’ve been using the Orvis Magnum Sling pack since it came out. I loved the functionality that the sling pack offers. A few months go by and then they release the Orvis Guide Sling Pack. (I am in love with the digi camo.) and I waited on buying it. I eventually gave in…

So, after using it on all of my unsuccessful outings this year. I must say that this pack is great. Being an over packer – I absolutely love all of the extra space that this pack offers. It allows me to take even more stuff that I will most likely not use on each and every outing! It also, has a designated place to hold a water bottle. This is crucial for times when you’re out on the water dying of thirst. Also, The tippet spool holder is included! Did I already mention the digi camo?
I usually attach my nippers to my belt when in use. That’s not the usual place for them.

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  1. I was on the fence with this and the Patagonia Atom Stealth pack. I decided to go with the Patagonia one because of the price. I've used it twice and I'm still not sure I like it. I have to re-adjust it all the time. It keeps moving and eventually feels like it's going to fall off my shoulder. It sets in a weird position.

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