Few days ago, I was leaving work a few hour later than I expected. As I was driving out of the parking lot I noticed there was someone fishing, so, being the curious type I drove over toward the person. Turns out that they were fly fishing, and I got really excited then. Got out and walked over to him, and turns out it someone that I know that works in the same building. Who would have thought!

I got my gear out of my car, and fished with him. I have only tried fishing the lake at work a few times with no luck a month ago. Today was a whole new story. He was throwing a black wooly bugger size 8 I believe, and he caught a big crappie, and then he caught another big crappie. I wasn’t using a black wooly bugger, and I was catching nothing. 

So, I made the logical choice in switching to a black wooly bugger. After a few casts I hooked into a few bluegill, and then some nice crappie. Then I started fishing off of one of the small bridges, and tied on a larger wooly bugger, and what do ya know…hooked up with a decent sized bass! Unfortunatly, she fought like a dead fish. She was also full of eggs (I’m assuming) After jumping down the side of the bridge and catching a rear end full of thorns from the bush I was trying to avoid, I was able to release her, and call it a night.
Some really nice crappie here. They were all averaging this size.
Damn thorn bushes!
I assume she was full of eggs.

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  1. Probably was full of eggs. They are bedding pretty heavily right now. Nice crappie. I wish we all would start calling those speckled bass. I really have a hard time explaining I caught a lot of crappie yesterday.

  2. JustinWhen you go back you should carry your ice box and keep those crappie–excellent table fare. Glad you released the sow bass, she will produce lots bass for the future. thanks for sharing

  3. I'm all about catch & release. The only fish I do keep are perch – if I am fishing for them. I usually do in June on Lake Michigan, and have myself a little fish fry the same day.

  4. Most def! It's even better that the lake is on the property I work at. Haha can't wait until it warms up some more. I've heard stories of some monster bass in here.

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