The past few day’s have been an absolute hell. I’ve been stuck inside sick with some sort of virus that has been kicking my ass. I haven’t even had the energy or motivation to tie anything. Just lay around like a potato.

This evening I finally was feeling good, and antsy to get out to my local lake, because, it was so nice out the past few days, and today was just awesome. It felt like it was close to the 70’s, and there was hardly any wind. Got out to my local lake and began to cast. Started with a black wooly bugger, and quickly switched to a small bead head I tied. I was curious as to how fast  it would sink. 2 cast and I had a follow from some bluegill, and hooked up with a few.

The Bluegill loved this fly!

Once I was done fooling around with them, I tied on a small ep baitfish pattern I had tied with hopes of hooking up with some bass cruising the shallows. After my first cast and fixing the line that had wrapped itself around my reel, I gave the line a 2 strips and BAM!!! Thought I had a bass until it went airborne, and I saw that it was a rainbow trout. I was very surprised to see that there were some survivor stocker rainbows in the lake.

Surprise, it’s Trout!!

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  1. Yep! I was surprised that are survivors. This past Sunday I was fishing and saw a guy had a stringer of 3 really nice sized rainbows. I couldn't believe my eyes.

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