Rainbow Trout Dinner

Brought home my first stocker rainbow trout. Gutted it. Decapitated it. Garlic stuffed it. Soy sauce bathed it. Lemon juice spritzed it. Tinfoil wrapped it. […]

Stocker Trout

I’ve been fairly busy these days. This past Saturday was the Fall trout opener here in Illinois. They stocked the lake down the street from […]

Short visit to the big pond

My second visit to the big pond (Lake Michigan) this year. Had an appointment to be somewhere at 09:30, so, I decided to leave extra […]

Lake Taneycomo

The GF and I decided to head on down to Branson, Missouri for a mini vacay. While we stopped at Shepperd of the Hills Hatchery. […]

Surprise, It’s Trout!

The past few day’s have been an absolute hell. I’ve been stuck inside sick with some sort of virus that has been kicking my ass. […]

My First Trout

I started fly fishing about 4 years ago. Living here in the Chicago suburbs, I primarily fish for bass. It wasn’t until this past summer […]