The GF and I decided to head on down to Branson, Missouri for a mini vacay. While we stopped at Shepperd of the Hills Hatchery. It was quite interesting how they farm these trout to stock into the rivers/lakes. One of the tanks had some absolute pigs! I’ve never seen trout that were 5+ pounds in my life, and they were quite the sight.

During our 4 day stay I was able to sneak out and do some fishing early in the morning. I wanted to fish Table Rock, but knew the bass would be deep with the hot weather, so, I decided to fish Lake Taneycomo. I didn’t bring any of my wading gear, because, I didn’t think I was going to need them. I wish I had brought them, because, the water in that lake is flat out freezing! The first day I was able to hook up with a brown trout, but he self released after I removed the hook. Then I had nothing but missed hits using an olive wooley bugger.

I’ve never witnessed so many people fishing so close to each to each other until I fished Taney. There were guys lined up by one of the outlets of the hatchery taking turns tossing and egg under an indicator for a short 15 foot drift. I don’t quite understand how that is enjoyable. They were all catch & release guys, too. Mind boggling to me.

So, this is combat fly fishing…

Wasn’t ever able to fish Table Rock. Every time we planned to rent a boat it rained. I definitely will be returning to Lake Taneycomo. The Bull Shoals is on my list for next time, as well.

Some pictures of trout that lived by the quote “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” At one point I had 6 rainbows right next to me.

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  1. I went to Branson once. We stayed right by Table Rock Lake too. It was a great time. I didn't fish while I was there. I never knew there was trout anywhere close to that area. My wife's family is from Springfield so I'm sure we'll go back. Did you go by Branson USA and Dixie Stampeed?

  2. Nice report. Table Rock is a beautiful lake and Taney is right up there for tailwater trout fishing (although it has a few issues as you saw).I used to fish it consistently until it became simply too crowded for my liking , combat fishing as you call it. With the tourist industry booming down there it just sees way too much pressure on the short \”Trophy Section\” below the dam during the summer months. It fishes much better in Jan-Feb. Those trout are crowding your feet because of another problem the fishery has…rampant shuffling. Lots of folks who fish it have learned to shuffle their feet , dislodging food and thereby attracting trout at their feet that they can then catch. Extremely sporting and now that the fish are used to it they act like little puppies once you step in the water and crowd your feet waiting for a meal.If you get a chance you need to hit the White below Bull Shoals , much more natural fishery with lots more water and some incredible fishing.

  3. Justin Too many fly fisherman for me to wet a fly. I have fished the White and it is outstanding. We get some of our larger trout from the Hill's hatchery there in Branson. In fact our tailrace will received 50–16\” and 20\” trout from there the last of August. The rest of our tailrace trout come from Arkansas. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yeah, the GF and I went to the Dixie Stampeed. It was actually a very entertaining show. I was skeptic about it, but I enjoyed myself. Next time you're down there check out the hatchery. It's really an interesting place to see where some of the trout in Missouri come from. Then walk down and check out Lake Taneycomo.

  5. Next time I go I will have to check out the White. I would love a chance to hook up with one of those huge trout I seen in that hatchery. I also want to check out the Bull Shoals. I am looking forward to returning down to that area in the future.

  6. Wow, that is some great information! I couldn't stop thinking about those trout that stayed near me. I was trying so hard not to move, because, I didn't want to scare them. Eventually, I realized that my presence did not bother them one bit. All of that makes sense now. Yeah, it's definitely not my style of fishing, either. It was interesting to me none the less, because, I've never witnessed so many people fly fishing at one time in the same general area.Next time I am down there I will definitely be taking your advice and checking out the White and Bull Shoals. The White sounds like my kind of fishing.

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