(This was from last week)
Started leaving the house 30 minutes early, so, I can fish the lake at work for 30 minutes before the gym opens up at 5 AM. It was dark, so, I decided to toss a spinner bait with my baitcaster. I was extremely happy when I found some breakfast bass 🙂
After work I met up with a friend at another lake. I tossed some flies while he friend chucked huge musky lures with no luck. I on the other hand was only able to catch a handful of bluegill. Fun and beautiful day, none the less.
Played around with my GoPro camera, and iPad, again. Check it out.

Don’t mind some of the sound effects. I was just playing with some things in the editing program. Need to get my hands a better program. For now my iPad will have to suffice.

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