This past Sunday I fished at Blackwell Forest Preserve, and man, was it a beautiful day! The bass weren’t biting, so, I switched to some smaller flies chased some bluegill. I tied on a chironomid with a blue bead, orange thread, and black wire wrap that I had tied. The bluegill were all over that sucker. I just dragged it in, and roll casted it back out (whenever I didn’t have a fish on). After catching a few of the average normal sized ones, I hook into what I thought was a bass. This thing was a champ! It put a really nice bend in my 5 wt, and tried to make multiple runs. I have never fought a bluegill like that before. Turned out to be a beast! Hands down the biggest baddest bluegill I have ever caught.

The Champ!

While bass fishing earlier I had a few bass following my fly, and a decent sized pike came out of no where and chased them off. My guess was 30+ inches and beefy. (Nice sized for the area IMO). It was the other highlight of my outing.

Came across this party of tent caterpillars (Googled it. I could be wrong. So, feel free to correct me.) on a really low branch on a tree. Very interesting to see. Apparently, they will all turn into moths by July.

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  1. I can't wait to hook up with one of them. I'm going to start trying my ep flies on the Des Plaines River for Pike. I found a few open areas that I can swing a fly, and I know the water in the area holds pike. Can't wait!

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