Yesterday, I decided to give my fly rod a go at the early morning bass. Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a bit of surface activity, so, I tied on a small popper. I immediately caught fire, because, the fish were all over it. Small bass, big bass, and huge bluegill! They were exploding out of the water trying to hit the popper. It was like I was watching an episode of Shark week with the seal island great white sharks. What a blast!

I was in need of bigger bass, so, I tied on a black zonker and started my search before it was time to leave. I caught my personal best largemouth bass for the year. Great fight!

Later on, I was able to get out for a second time, and I decided to tie on an even bigger popper. Hoping that they were still in a top water mood. To my surprise I hooked up with some really big bluegill. I couldn’t believe that they were able to take the popper I had tied on. I ended the day with a complete total of 20 bass, and 10 big bluegill caught. Not bad 🙂

This morning I gave the fly rod another go at 5am. Hooked up with 2 bass, and 1 that trumps the bass I caught yesterday as my personal best on the year. I love this lake!!!

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  1. Hopefully you'll keep saying that..\”This is my PB of the year.\” Bluegill can take huge poppers. I've caught some that weren't much bigger than the popper itself.

  2. You just can't beat this kind of stuff with the fly rod–awesome pics of some super fun–by the way was that a blue boogle bug popper? thanks for sharing a great post

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