This past Saturday my best friend (We’ll name him “HH”) and I went out to explore new water. Another friend was generous enough to provide me with 3 places to park and access Poplar Creek. Poplar Creek feeds into the Fox River, so, HH and I were on the hunt for smallmouth bass.

Pretty cool rusted bike frame set up on the side of the creek.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the creek to be as nice as it was. As we waded, I often forgot that I was, where I was.

Within the first 10 minutes I saw a flash in the riffle I casted to, and after a few casts I changed the wooly bugger from a size 6 to a size 8. The outcome of the switch was “Fish on!” I had my first smallie of the year! After a few more casts provided 2 creek chubs. The day went on to be a great outing. HH was using a light baitcasting set up with an inline spinner, and he was hooking up with smallies left and right.

The nicest fish of the day came to me by surprise. I seriously thought I snagged my fly on something, until, my rod bent and the fish started hauling ass down stream pulling some line from me…I thought Oh $h*t! It turned out to be a 2lb bronzeback beauty queen! I wasn’t expecting a smallie that size in the creek. I’m still pumped up about it!

You know how when you’re fishing, and you lose track of time…Well, it happens. I looked at my phone and thought…damn, and we have to walk back. I couldn’t believe that 5 hours had passed. We both forgot to bring a snack and were starving.

On the wade back to the car. Both of us were just falling apart. We were starving and exhausted. HH took a quick dip when he lost his footing, and we laughed about it. Soon after that, my body started to give, and I fell on my side with my knee hitting some rocks…then not 10 minutes after that I fell again. I wish I was 18 again haha. My legs were shot.

We caught a few more fish on the trek back to the car, and discussed a game plan for next time….bring food, and not walk/wade so far next time.

End of the day totals
HH11 or 12 smallies
Myself 8 smallies, 7 bluegill, and 6 creek chubs

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  1. Awesome day for sure! I have heard and seen some good things come out of that creek especially when you get a little closer to where it dumps into the fox. Nice job on the smallies!

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