My buddy +Dave Kuntzelman (Urban Assault Fly Fishing and CHI-TIE) gave a very informative presentation on fly fishing opportunities around the Chicagoland area at a recent NIFTY aka Northern Illinois Fly Tyers meeting.

He covered the different species we can catch, flies that he uses for those species, gear, and access to the waters he fishes.  Dave talked mostly about Lake Michigan, and shared some great stories of 20-30 lb carp that really put his reels and fishing skills to the test, and the passerby’s that offer him money for the carp that he catches.

Thanks goes out to NIFTY and Dave – t’was a good time!
Fish where you live.

For more information about NIFTY and CHI-TIE, please click on their names at the top.  This will bring you to their websites.

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  1. They're fun events, and break up the cabin fever that Winter brings. It's also interesting hearing others perspectives on techniques, fish, theories, and their stories.

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