Ah…feels good to have dug up some motivation, and with that I sat down at the vise and tied up one of my favorite streamers.  A fly I have named “Minimum Cowbell.”  It’s a play on another streamer pattern named “Maximum Cowbell” created by Nick Granato.  Nick’s pattern is articulated with 2 hooks, and mine has only 1…do you get the name for mine now?
White meat.  Dark meat.  All will be carved.
Ready to hunt for bass, trout, and whatever else is lurking.
What’s a trout or panfish fly box without some San Juan Worms.  A fly that everyone has in their box and loves, but doesn’t admit it.  These flies simply catch fish.  These ones are for my personal stash.  I also fancied up the black bead head SJW with some black ice dubbing behind the bead. (size 14)

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  1. I've used the San Juan Worm in multiple colors upon occasion, but the trout out here don't seem to like it. Maybe I just don't present it properly.

  2. Thank you, Alan! Took a few shots to get them lined up just right. I have never tried hot pink, but do recall that is your go to fly when you're catching a skunk.

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