A short story.
Kind of…..
Not really…
DanK and I met up at Lake X to do some froggin’. The lake was calm, and there was overcast…those two added together equal, a great time. The lily pads were thick, and seemed endless. I fished this lake once in the early Spring, but have never fished it in the summer months. One of my very first casts into the thick lily pads warranted an explosion, I waited, waited, set the hook, and FISH ON!
….or not. I thought the fish was tangled in the lily pads, so, I paddled over to it. I reached my hand in the water and started to remove all of the vegetation that accumulated from trying to reel this bass in. Wait a minute…what was that I felt…so as I was doing this, I felt something that was not a fish hidden in the mess of vegetation. You have got to be kidding me haha it was a huge snapping turtle! I am so glad I didn’t accidentally put my hand by it’s face, otherwise I might be typing this with a few less digits on my hand. Thankfully, I had brought my Backwater Assault Hand Paddle that I won at the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series in May of this year. I was able to pop my frog free of the jaws of this mean ole turtle, and it was free to live without a lure in it’s mouth. Without that Assault Paddle, I have no idea how I would have been able to get that frog free from that turtle.
A few snaps at my paddle startled me. What a wimp!
After that, it was a turtle free morning of frog fishing.
DanK with the nicest one of the day.
The bass were flying out of the water when I had the camera out. They knew I would be featuring them on my blog. 
2 Thumbs up…you can’t see DanK’s
I finally shook the skunk off one of my Slaunch Mob shirts. I’ve 2 shirts from my buddy Slaunch Mob for 2 months now, and I have been skunked on each outing I wore them. The curse has been lifted. I’ll drink to that!
Hiding my big smile.

DanK is having a great year. New baby, new home, and he’s killing it out on the water. Seems no matter what technique he’s using, he’s brilliant. The fish just don’t stop coming his way, and it’s been a blast to withness!

The Master.

As I was floating and fishing around, I took notice that this lake had trash everywhere. It was a shame. It probably would have taken me the entire day to pick it all up. I picked up what ever I crossed paths with. I’m going to start doing it more when I’m out on the water. I already do it whenever I’m fishing at a lake, I’ll just start tossing stuff in my sling pack and toss it on my way out. 


4 Replies to “Froggin’ with DanK”

  1. Nice Bass, Justin. I will have to toss a frog once in awhile if I want to catch nice Bass like those!

  2. Well done Justin. I love fishing in lily pads even though we don't find a lot of them out here. We have caught turtles though and plenty of trash.

  3. I wish I could bring some of the weeds and cover from here to you. The fish would enjoy it, and you would enjoy catching those fish!

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