I was hoping to fish early and beat the heat, but that plan did not work out. I woke up late. It was forecast to be cloudy and 70/80 until Noon, and then it was going to be clear skies, sunny and in the 90’s. I got to the Des Plains River around 9:30ish, unloaded my kayak, and paddled upriver.

What a workout! The water was high, stained, and moving fast due to some recent storms we’ve had. That did not make paddling up river easy at all, but I toughed it out. I brought some beers with me, and that helped offset the calories I burned paddling. Haha.
A local Chicago brewery – Revolution Brewing – Fist City
There’s a very busy road that runs along the river, and it’s appropriately named River Road. I started to hear some rumbling, and figured it was just some semi trucks hitting one of the many potholes. Started to hear it some more, and I saw the sky get a little darker west. I quickly checked my phones weather app, and nothing. Same forecast as before. Then I heard the rumbling, again, but that time I was damn sure that it was thunder. The fishing was terrible, so, I decided to just paddle back the rest of the way. The wind picked up and it started to drizzle as I approached the launch.
Right after I got my kayak and gear loaded, and sat down in my car, it started to downpour. LUCKY!
I arrived at Busse Lake around 8 and fished until 11:30…I think. Ha …I really don’t remember looking at the clock.
I had an are of the lake known as CWB all to myself. The rogue storm from Saturday churned the water up, so, it was murky everywhere. The water was up, too, so, the weeds that I normally fish with a frog were all submerged. I tossed a frog with my casting gear, and some flies out in some open water parts of the lake. I was receiving a skunk, so, decided to call it a day.
On the way back to my put in, I decided to make a few more casts before I paddled the 25 yards to the take out. Boom! I was rewarded with a froggin’ bass, and beat the skunk!
Decided to wear a Hoo Rag so that my racoon eye tan lines don’t get any worse.

All in all, it was a rather interesting weekend. That rogue storm was really something else. I should also note that I’m happy to hear that some friends that were out fishing on Lake Michigan were able to make it off of the water before it got too hairy out there.

Side note – My farmers tan is looking killer!!!

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  1. Justin, sounds like you made the safe and secure move just in time. Never, ever, do I take the weather report to heart absolutely. I can sum it up in one word. \”YANEVANO\”!

  2. Justin, I've got a feeling you'd be a blast to fish with. I like your \”I'll take what I can get\” attitude. Nice looking bass.

  3. Exactly! I only like watching the weather on the news for the fine looking weather women. ha…but I don't trust them!

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