The Dragon Slayer
An FSA Custom Rod
Last October (2013), after breaking my 9 wt rod on my fall musky hunt. I was chit chatting with Ed over at FSA Custom Rods, and he talked me into having a backup rod. He didn’t have to do much selling on the idea, because, it was already in my head. I mean, why in the world would you not have a back up rod, especially on a fishing trip. I’m such a critical thinker. =)
As the two of us were talking about the build, we both were throwing out the same exact ideas, at the the same damn time. It was extremely hilarious and awkward at the same time. I was starting to think he was literally in my head. We both thought it should be a stealthy build. Black on black with some gunmetal gray mixed in.
“Slate poly, charcoal nylon, gunmetal metallic and bullard black nylon 4 color throop wrap.” – FSA Custom Rods
Those throop/tiger wraps really make this rod a thing of beauty. Ed does some outstanding work, and it shows.
More specs on the rod.
  • Matte black 9′ – 3 pc – 10 wt.
  • Double locking nut reel seat.
  • Smoke black TiCh snake guides and tip top.
  • Full wells cork grip with x-flock heat shrink over wrap.
I could not be any happier with this rod. The grip on it is fantastic. It doesn’t get slippery and it seems to have saved my hand a few blisters. It’s performed great, and I cannot wait to see what other big fish this rod helps me land…steelhead…tarpon…snook…a shark? Hopefully, all of those!
If you’re interested in contacting Ed about a possible build or if you have any questions about rods, fishing or beer (Ed is a fantastic home brewer) I’m sure he’ll be glad to answer your questions. He’s a good guy, with some serious talent.
The Dragon Slayer

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  1. Congratulations on your new rod! That is a very impressive looking build. That is \”more\” rod than I will ever need, but, Kudos to Ed for his work and putting up with you sharing the ideas. 🙂

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